The five most common mistakes in creating an explanation or business video

Almost every company currently has a business video or a so-called explainer video. Whether it’s an explainer video for a broad or complex product mix, a specific market, service process, or brand-specific campaign, the world of visual communication is booming today.
However, every video does not automatically mean sales growth, higher exchange rate, or traffic on the web site. There is a need for a focused approach and a strong know-how. Video production is not cheap and the ad campaign can not be changed in the middle if everything does not work. That is why it is vital that the video is made well. In our experience, customers often make the same mistakes that we can learn from. We want to show you the five most common mistakes in creating an explainer video:


Strategie1. The concrete message is not transmitted

The target group should feel that it has been spoken to. What problem do you solve for them? Speak directly to the target group. For example, with the help of a character that represents the audience of the video and where viewers can identify themselves. Talk about a concrete problem and show why and how you can solve this problem.




Erkl?rungsvideos: hilfreiche Tipps2. Too many technical terms

We often have the habit of using our technical and foreign words in our work. You naturally want to sound competent even in front of your customers. They should know that you are an expert in your field. But you have to be careful not to use too many foreign and technical words or abbreviations that customers often do not understand. That way, video creation can get bogged down and no one understands what you want to say. So try to use a simple and comprehensible language for your customers and your audience. This way, you get the widest possible viewer group for your video.



Handlung3. Implementation is too boring

Stick to the story of the ?red thread? and the thrilling execution. In addition, an attractive and concise start is important, after that the problem and its solution are summarized in a summary. At the end of the video, there must be a happy ending showing how your product made the customer happy and satisfied. Speech and visual tools should be humorous, living, innovative, intelligent, modern, and of course, addressed to the target audience.



Emotionen4. Feelings are not shown

Most of our decisions are made in the emotional part of the brain. If the video is very informative and fact-based, without it reaching or touching the client and their problems, the video is likely to be forgotten or never even endured.




Aufforderung5. There is no call-to-action at the end of the video

To complete the video, it is good to encourage the customer. Tell the customer exactly what you would like them to do. For example, “Visit our website or online store”, “Order product here”, “Contact us by this form” or “Call and book an appointment today?.

In addition to these five factors, there are, of course, other important factors that affect whether the video is successful or not. That’s why we give our customers an inquiry at the beginning of a questionnaire, with specific questions so that we know what the customer wants to achieve on the video. We also create a thumbnail of the story with the customer and finally a complete explanation video. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone, we will be happy to assist you.