Individual explainer videos versus serial production videos

Nowadays, many service providers produce very good explanation videos and presentation videos. The prices for a company’s own video tour are very attractive, especially in the international market. At first glance, bidding may seem very interesting.

One of the most important criteria when buying an explanation video or presentation video should be that a marketing company does not use standard graphics. There is nothing more embarrassing than to notice a competitor or another company suddenly using the same characters and situations in their videos. The pictures help us organize our memories – the pictures displayed to the customer will help your product stay in the minds of the customers. Characters play an important part in this and they should be unique. Here’s an example of video clips produced with standard graphics:



Instead, we always create our video for our customers from scratch. In our opinion, the company’s look is created with its own logo, with colors, etc. We can also make individual wishes: Do you want the video to be presented by a certain person? Do you want a particular building or object? With a picture taken on a person, product or building, we can make the video personalized and individual. Bring your video to the nature of your business and stand out from your competitors. If you wish, we will develop unique features of your video that are exclusively used for your video:


Beware of hidden fees

Many video marketing companies advertise their products at unbeatable prices. However, bids often include hidden fees that can make serial production many times more expensive than the original offer. It may even happen that the serial production video will eventually cost much more than the uniquely produced explainer video.

If you want to use your own business colors, this will be an extra charge. If you want to integrate your company logo into a video, it will be an extra charge. If you want more than one modification round, this will be an extra charge. If you want to use different characters, it will be an extra charge. And so on…

With us, this is different. We’ll let you know the details right from the start so we can give you a complete explainer video. Depending on your needs, budgets, the desired story and the extent of the video, we will develop an explainer video that is clear, straightforward and customer friendly.

Thanks to our transparency, quality requirements and good price-performance ratio, we are happy to recommend this. With this, our marketing costs are low and we do not shift high marketing costs to our services’ prices, as many companies do.

Never ?Me, too!?

In the field of marketing, it is never going to work. If you want to be the number one company and stand out from your competitors, you can not look the same as other companies. Businesses that use standard services and always imitate other people will remain in the industry as smaller players. Uniqueness, individuality and some of the things make top sellers successful. This also applies to explainer videos and other marketing.

Stay true to yourself and acquire a unique explainer video that brings personality and unique characteristics to marketing.

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