Five tips for successful storytelling in video script writing



Storytelling is not a new tool for marketing, but it has proven to be very successful and is a continuously growing trend. Overall, in video marketing, the basic prescription of the future is based on storytelling. Especially when we work in the growing market of video marketing, a great story is the most important thing.



Pros of great storytelling:

– Great stories stay in people’s minds. The watcher remembers more, and the idea is easier to understand. – With audiovisual marketing, you can reach more people, depending on what kind of learner is watching. – A great story awakens feelings. People are ready to share it forward. – Complicated facts can be presented easily and with simple comprehension. – You can meet the client as an equal. Because of this, we want to give you five tips to what should be considered, in order to create a great story for the video script.





1. Keep it real

If you present characters in suits and in business environment, but the majority of your clients are stay-at-home moms, it?s not very authentic. Therefore, it is much better if you use figures to which your audience?can relate, create a target market profile and include it in your video!






2. Share your market value

Let your clients feel, hear, see and experience your market value. Is it speed, freshness, luxury, adventures, funness, quality, playfulness? build your values in the story with its overall appearance.





3. Make the story come alive

Try to use as many senses as possible: by using descriptive language, lively and pleasant storyteller and strong feelings. In addition, switch figures, places, tools and landscapes.





4. Speak concretely about the client’s problem

Get the client’s attention by offering a solution to their problem. The target group should alredy be interested at the beginning of the story. A catchy start is great! If your client sees that the story relates to them they will listen and follow the steps to solve their problem accordingly.






5. Encourage them to take action

The story cannot be very good, if it?s unclear for the client, who the sender of the message is and how to contact them. This is why you must ask for the client to act. Direct the client to your website or store, offer them discounts, freebies or other marketing material.







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Especially when we work in the growing market of video marketing, a great story is the most important thing.. See examples