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Video marketing: This is how you market your business video and create a viral effect

Are you planning your own business video or explanation video for your product and brand? Or have you already produced a video and are now looking for a good marketing strategy? In this case, it is important that your video is carefully designed, your video is talking to your target audience, and your message is […]

The benefits of animation videos compared to regular videos

We often hear from interested customers and entrepreneurs that they hesitate to view an animated video: Ordinary videos are colorful, emotional and you can show products and services “live”. But you can do all this with animated or cartoon video. What matters is what you follow and what you ultimately want to convey to the […]

Storytelling A and Z: Write a story that stays in people’s minds

You probably do not want to hear about it anymore. Storytelling is now being blasted everywhere. There is nothing new to write about storytelling, but it is still an important topic and many do not yet use the many benefits of storytelling in their marketing effectively enough. What does storytelling mean? First, storytelling is used […]

Five tips for successful storytelling in video script writing

  Storytelling is not a new tool for marketing, but it has proven to be very successful and is a continuously growing trend. Overall, in video marketing, the basic prescription of the future is based on storytelling. Especially when we work in the growing market of video marketing, a great story is the most important […]