6 trends of digital marketing

It’s always good to evaluate your own marketing activities:

Which measures were successful? What actions were profitable?

What did the highest ROI achieve? At what time of the year was the best deal?

Which communications channels should I use the marketing budget for?

What kind of marketing activities and what external communication tools should be chosen?


We will now tell you of 6 digital marketing trends.

If these are not yet part of your marketing, we’ll advise you to add them to your selection.

1. Video content & Video marketing:

Content marketing is nowadays an important part of marketing tactics. Over the past few years, videos have grown dramatically: today, companies, news, blog articles, event notifications, and even personal ads are presented in video format. Especially 2D or 3D explanation videos or product videos are already a standard mean of communication in many companies. However, it is important to use just the right kind of communication and appropriate images. Videos should be in the form of dialogue or storytelling.

The ways of video marketing are:ev-nl-sept-3

1. Product Video

2. Explanation video

3. Corporate Video

4. Video ads (e.g., Facebook and Google)?

5. Staff recruitment videos

6. Help & Guide Videos

2. Navigating the interior with Google Maps and others:

The 360 degree interior view is already a familiar thing and is already being used by companies on their websites for presenting items. Large companies are also working on new opportunities: Google Maps can be used to conveniently navigate in the interior of a smartphone screen in hotels, malls, or airports.

YouTube is also developing similar solutions.

The interior navigation is particularly suitable for outlets, showrooms, malls, galleries, hotels, exhibition centers or public facilities.

That way, you will not only win the trust of your customers, but will also increase the chances of your customer finding it.

3. Your brand must be present everywhere:

Nowadays it is no longer enough to be active in two or three channels. You have to be represented wherever customers and target groups spend their time. Each potential customer has a different pattern of behavior, interests, and communication channels. This also applies to the online world: the latest trend on the web is Omnipresence – being present everywhere.

There are many ways to reach the customer. The customer’s computer, his smartphone, tablet or television. Each channel is used differently – but each channel is a potential marketing channel for meeting a customer, attracting interest and becoming an active customer. It is always intended to show ads to a customer using all means, even if the customer goes to other sites or platforms, advertising must reach the customer and the customer must be reclaimed so that interest remains.

4.Experience Design:

The term “Experience design” is used in storing the sales process and if possible interact in the online store when a customer is making a purchase decision. This usability trend is one of the most important things that the online retailer needs to take into account today.

Businesses need to create emotional online worlds that respond to customers’ expectations and raise their interest. For example, men want to hunt their best purchases, while women want to try out everything again and feel comfortable and safe. Implementation may vary between home page design, icons, images, videos, action button, and mascots that lead to a customer’s story throughout the sales process.

5. SEO optimization:

SEO marketing is nothing new but it is still one of the best online marketing channels. However, conditions and algorithms for better rankings are changing all the time, so it makes sense to share the message in many ways and under certain circumstances. This can be, for example, blogs, videos, social media marketing, high quality links, or product reviews.

The fourth part of internet traffic goes through Google. Therefore, this channel should not be ignored and visibility on all search engines should be good. SEO marketing is above all a good distribution of content across the channels on a regular basis. This will lead to better results in search engines and good reputation on the web will increase the number of visitors.

Increasing the number of links, images, videos, good story banners, and high quality information will create a better Google Ranking. Additionally, Google Adwords’s importance in the video marketing industry is becoming increasingly important in achieving good rankings.

6. Bloggers and influencers:

Do you use bloggers, influential people, opinion leaders, celebrities, etc. who have a broad network and who affect their own target audiences? By sharing information on blog posts, Facebook messages, magazines, and portals, you can reach a high range of readers and reach the desired target audience with the right partners.

In addition, the trends have moved to the micro communities: these are stakeholders in which Internet users are grouped on Facebook, Whatsapp, forums and other platforms and share interesting things to each other within the group.

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