3 reasons why your customers want to see video marketing

Maybe you think that video marketing is too modern for your target audience and you
do not use it for that reason. Or you’ve already used video marketing before, but with
poor success.

It is true that, for some sectors, markets or target groups, video marketing is perhaps
less attractive, but the market and communication have changed dramatically in the
last few years – video production opportunities as well. Your customers have also
changed – maybe unconsciously.

So look no further, but follow the modern trend. Customers are already accustomed
to video marketing, so give them what they – even though they do not know it – want.

1. Media of the future

I. Customers today enjoy simple, quick and informative. According to the study, the
conversion rate is 80% higher on landing pages with video than on sites with no

II. Also, children, retired people and marginal groups have changed as collective
mass information has become more common. Simple text ads are out of fashion.
Simple text ads will no longer fit versatile and colorful moving images. And even
older generations are used to using smart phones.

III. In 2017 already 70% of the telecommunications is online videos. This is a
significant increase and the growth in video marketing does not seem to have a sign
of subsiding.

Gr?nde f?r Videomarketing


2. People trust in video marketing

I. A video can tell a lot more than words. When searching for certain keywords in the
search engine to display thousands of articles, with an article with integrated video in
it, this happens less often. Even today, we?re relying less and less on plain textual
communication, videos are not only visually better. Today, there are a lot of
superficial articles on the web and we do not know where they come from and whose
sources are secure or and whose are not. Videos usually go deeper into the subject.

Since video production is already complicated in itself, the subject of the video is
deeper, and if it is not, it is immediately recognized as a lack of quality.

II. According to a customer survey, about 96% of customers say that product videos
make purchasing decisions easier.


Gr?nde f?r Videomarketing


3. Video marketing stays in minds

I. Of an article that does not have a video, only 10% stays in a viewer’s mind after 72
hours. An article with exactly the same content, with the video, 95% stays in the
viewer’s mind.

II. Videos appeal to more senses. This usually leads to a better understanding of the
subject. It also reaches visual viewers who do not learn from texts.

III. It has also been scientifically proven that visual communication has its
advantages: according to studies, about 90% of the information coming to the brain
is visual.

Gr?nde f?r Videomarketing







Whether old or young, small or big, poor or rich: on the information bulletin we all
have something in common: we love – although subconsciously – video marketing!